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Monday, June 16, 2014

(New) Eastwood Elementary School – Monongalia County

10:00 a.m.


Note:   To see the attachments referred to below please click the word 'Attachment' at the appropriate section and the information will be opened for your viewing. 


I.           CALL TO ORDER – Mr. Peter Markham 



A.        New Board Member

            A Judge will be providing the oath of office for the School Building Authority’s newest Board Member.    

            B.        Welcome by Monongalia County - (Information)

            The Superintendent of Monongalia County Schools, will welcome the School Building Authority and provide a brief overview of the Monongalia County Schools. 


III.        APPROVAL OF MINUTES            

            SBA Meeting of April 28, 2014 - (Action) - ATTACHMENT A            


IV.             EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR'S REPORTS – Dr. Mark A. Manchin 

A.        Status Update – Series 2014 SBA Bond – (Information) 

B.        Design/Build Status – Pendleton County and Harrison County (Information) ATTACHMENT B 

C.        Purchasing Card (P-Card) Program Report – (Information) – ATTACHMENT C 

One of the requirements of the P-Card Program is for the Board/Authority members to review all purchases made by staff members.  As such, the document in Attachment C provides an itemized list of the SBA’s card usage for the period of February 1, 2014 thru April 30, 2014.



V.         FINANCE REPORTS – Mr. Garry Stewart 

A.        Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP – SBA 2014 Audit Planning Communications – (Information)          

In conjunction with the annual audit of SBA’s financial statements for the year ending June 30, 2014, Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP are required to make certain communications with the body charged with governance before the start of the audit.  Therefore a representative Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP has requested to be placed on the SBA’s June Quarterly meeting agenda in order provide the Authority with the appropriate information as required.


            B.        Analysis of Trustee Accounts - Trustee Accounts Report - (Information) -               ATTACHMENT D 

The financial reports of the trustee accounts held at United Bank of Charleston, WV and Mellon Bank of New York, NJ for the period ending April 30, 2014 summarize the trustee functions of the SBA. The report includes a short summary of each bond series.


C.        United Bank of Charleston – SBA Program Depository Accounts Report(Information) - ATTACHMENT E 

The financial report of the depository account that is maintained by the United National Bank for the period ending May 15, 2014, summarizes construction spending by the SBA for its projects.




A.        Square Footage Costs Allowance – (Information/Action)


As per the requirement of the SBA’s legislative rules, the SBA staff has reviewed the construction square foot cost for new construction projects.  Based on the Authority’s decision to address this issue during the September, 2013 Quarterly Meeting, we would recommend no changes to the square footage cost allowance at this time.   

B.        Appointment of Officers for 2014 – Dr. Mark A. Manchin – (Action) - ATTACHMENT F


In accordance with the WV Code 18-9D-1, the Authority shall annually elect one of its public members as Vice Chair and shall appoint a member as Secretary.  At this time, Mr. Steve Burton holds the office of Vice Chair and Mr. Eric Lewis holds the office of Secretary.  


I respectfully recommend that the Authority fulfill this requirement and select officers for 2014/2015.


C.        Architectural Services Staff Monthly Project Status Report – (Information) – ATTACHMENT G


This item provides information regarding the status of current and on-going SBA school projects.



VII.      PERSONNEL COMMITTEE – Mr. Robert Holroyd (Information/Action) 

The Authority reserves the right to enter into executive session, based upon WV Code 6-9A-4(2) (A) relating to matters of SBA personnel. 




The 2014 fall quarterly meeting of the School Building Authority of West Virginia is scheduled at 9:00 a.m. on September 29, 2014 with the location to be determined.


The 2014 winter quarterly meeting of the School Building Authority of West Virginia is scheduled at 9:00 a.m. on December15, 2014 at 2300 Kanawha Boulevard, East, Charleston.